Best android phones in the world today

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Best android phones in the world today

weve all got one or more mobile phone every, right ? the difficulty is, how have you decide that happens to firmly be the best one for everyone ?
well, this can be where we make it straightforward. as a result of here now we have our frequently updated comparison of the highest 20 best android phones you'll fall into the uk.
the very last update saw the htc one rocket to the highest spot, ahead as to firmly the ageing samsung galaxy s3. other then now weve got the samsung galaxy s4 to shake things up, attempting to claw its procedure to the highest ahead as to firmly the likes as to firmly the supercheap other then powerful google nexus 4 by lg ? or you are able to barely sack from the new phones and plump for last years samsung galaxy s3 - its still smart, you understand.
however i most likely shouldnt forget the apple iphone 5 being a viable possibility, and though the nokia lumia 900 applied to be top dog within the windows phone 7 game, its the nokia lumia 920 thats flying the flag for windows phone 8.
should that still doesnt help, well, theres forever our extensive mobile phone reviews pages furthermore - or check out our personally crafted smartphone buyers guide :
and as you youve set that new phone to purchase ( and checked out the most beneficial mobile phone deal ), why not money within your previous one with these phone recycling worth comparison service ?
listed below are our rankings for your own best mobile phones around, currently on the market within the uk.

1. huawei ascend g330
the ascend g330 could be a solid performer. its sleek utilised, has the facility to train even the foremost demanding apps fine, and though not hugely exciting to inspect and hold, the displays clear and bright sufficient to elevate it on high of a few as to firmly the tattier budget models.
and its undoubtedly additional capable compared to firmly the previous ascend g300, with hardly any glitches when downloading/updating apps and navigating the phone at the very same time.
it delivers an excellent smartphone experience for your own cash with hardly any obvious compromises.

quick verdict

when deciding throughout the budget phone, it might be a nightmare attempting to decide that one to visit for. is it power ? name ? specs ? or barely an occasional worth tag hooked up to the phone that doesnt go bananas if you prod it ?
the latter applies towards the huawei - and this delivers well, particularly for your own £100 sticker whacked on it.

2. motorola razr hd

motorola may not anywhere close to the sharp finish as to firmly the best android phones at&t market today ( or, indeed, ever ) other then it still makes a half-decent fist the most mid-range smartphone.
whereas this phone lacks in a few areas ( lets be honest : a dual core processor doesnt get anyones heart racing any additional, despite having the ability to handle most tasks you'll throw at it ) it still possesses a clear screen, an easy os but a very robust battery at its heart.

several will certainly be taken via the virtually stock android platform it uses, and also the reality its got an extra hdmi port means that its very easy to sync your phone up to the big screen.
it doesnt cost the earth, that could be a key consideration furthermore in these financially-addled times - though you'll get a galaxy s3 for the very same cash.
quick verdict

with interchangeable covers, you'll see enough as to firmly the younger market enjoying expressing themselves in that budget possibility. its fast, fluid and brings enough as to firmly the wp8 experience while not costing the earth.

3. samsung ativ s

because of a good build, smart specs, beefy storage and an open body design, the ativ s is a good wp8 possibility.
whereas windows phone 8 is really wanting within the app department, its still a rich enough eco-system for several, and also the sleek lines as to firmly the ativ s remind us nicely of other high-end samsung phones.
samsung has very one-upped the competition by together with a removable battery, and additional importantly, microsd storage. one amongst our biggest complaints along with the htc 8x was its paltry 16gb of space and lack of removable storage.

quick verdict

its not the last word windows phone device, and it might be tricky in order to firmly get hold of within the uk - other then if youre not up for nokias lumia series of microsoft-powered devices, this should undoubtedly be next from the list.

4. sony xperia s

we applied to love the xperia arc s - other then were a fickle bunch, and now ericsson has also been solid aside, were all in the new brand just like a cat throughout the recent set of curtains.
the xperia s virtually has too several positive points to list, by having hd screen, 12mp camera and dual-core processor all combining to facilitate make one amongst the finest smartphones of 2012.

since you can gather from our review, the sony xperia s has each a quality screen but a dual-core processor that never slows down - and that 12mp camera will still be a little more than half-decent.
sony has too terribly kindly bundled variant software along with the xperia s away from the box, that saves you having to dash to google play the moment you flip on to grab very important apps.
battery our life is the major slight wobble ( if you do dont mind a plastic casing ), other then it'll usually last every day under normal conditions, and thats a solid enough benchmark for those.
quick verdict

there may be still a few niggles along with the xperia s other then we feel it says lots anytime deciding inside the pros and cons for your own device, we actually struggled along with the cons section.
its since been bested double along with the announcement as to firmly the sony xperia t then the xperia z with faster innards but a higher screen - other then that means that the xperia s has grown to be additional the most budget winner, therefore dont worry about the very 1st few sony phone barely nevertheless.
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